Aug 18, 2019 CRIME ALERT

Cars are being broken into seems to be on the rise in the city.
About 2 months ago on Durango a man has his teffilin and tennis bag stolen out of his car.
Several other cars on Durango were also broken into.

This past Friday morning 8/16 at 5:41 am  a car on crest was broken into and a bag of Teffilin
was stolen. Below you will see two videos of the same thief taken from two different angles from from the same homes security cameras.

The thief is using a small flashlight to look into the cars. It is very apparent that the thief is looking for obvious items of value left in view. In our community is very common for bags with tallis and or teffelin to be left on seats. Thief’s are NOT looking for teffelin they are looking for purses. Our tallis and teffilin bags looks like “purses”.


LESSON! DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING OF THAT LOOKS OF VALUE IN YOUR CAR. DO NOT leave any bags. Thieves are looking for easy targets and if your vehicle does not look easy they will move on to the next.