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    After extensive research, a newly updated Starbucks list has been compiled by the cRc. The following are some of the changes from the previous list:

    1) The cRc now can recommend getting a latte in any location as long as one orders a “kiddie latte” - which means to order it prepared at 115 degree Fahrenheit.

    2) For those that do not use regular milk, in addition to soy milk, there is also coconut milk available under the OU.

    3) Cold brew coffee (a new item) presents a kashrus issue due to kovush.

    4) Teavana teas are mostly not yet kosher certified but they are slowly working towards becoming certified. Of course plain, unflavored tea does not need a hechsher.

    5) Clover coffee can be ordered if one asks the Barista to use wooden sticks instead of the metal whisk.




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  • Missionary Publication being disseminated

    The flyer below is being distributed by the LA SHMIRA PATROL to alert the community;





    The above flyer was submitted to the Hillygram from LA SHIRA PATROL.



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    “Porch pirating is a common problem today, in the age of online shopping,” said Capt. Paul Vernon, who heads up the West Valley Patrol Division.   


    Jail time and good video like this are about the only deterrents to the growing problem.

    “Imagine if this stolen package had an ill person’s vital medicine,” Capt. Vernon added.


    Often the pirates are not on foot and they are not conspicuous. Generally there is a driver and a guy on foot and the car used is often a high end car like a BMW. 

    The thief’s are "smart" they seem to target affluent areas and use nice cars so as not to draw attention.


    TIPS TO "HARDEN" THE TARGET and make it difficult at best for the Thief’s to steel your stuff.

    Have packages delivered to locations where a person is home Have packages delivered to the vendor’s local store for pick up Have packages held by the delivery company for personal pick up Have packages delivered to your office Ask for notification when package is delivered so you can have a trusted neighbor pick up for you Add delivery instructions like, requiring a signature upon delivery, or where to place parcels.


    Police warn that most porch pirating occurs during the day when residents are away, and the thieves are often involved in identify theft in addition to taking parcels.

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  • Jewish Community Day at Dodger Stadium 2015



    On this Jewish Community Day the Los Angeles Jewish Commmunity was represented very well by not only Rabbi Avi Stewart of Westwood Kehilla, who sang the National Anthem but also by Rabbi Yossi Mintz of Chabad of Manhattan Beach, who blew the shofar.  As all this was happening 3 Jewish Representatives of the US Armed forces were honored and sulted as National Anthem was sung. The game took place this past Sunday August 30th.


    Just prior to first pitch Rabbi Yossi Mintz was prepped with ear phones and sound check just prior to his blowing of  the Shofar. 





    Rabbi Yossi Mintz with his sone Issac just prior to blowing the shofar.



    Rabbi as he was being announced.



    The largest crowd he had blown shofar for was about a thousnd people for Rosh Hashana at the Chabad of Manhattan Beach. "We are going to be ushering in the redemption here at Dodger Stadium" Rabbi Mintz said reflectivley just before the sounding of the shofar in front of approx. 40, 000 people.    "I am going to take my time and go slow and not rush" Accompanied by his Son Isaac Rabbi blew the sofar as to a almostd totally silent crowd of 40,000! SEE VIDEO BELOW and the PHOTOS.  It was a truly moving experience. An almost eerie feeling as the slow methodic cry of the shofar filled the entire stadium.




    Just after the shofar blowing Rabbi Avi Stewart took his place just behing Home plate ready to sing the Star Spangled Banner.


    Rabbi Avi Stewart, Rabbi and Cantor of Westwood Kehilla sang a stirring rendition of the National Anthem at this year’s JEWISH COMMUNITY DAY at Dodger Stadium. This was the first time a Rabbi sang the National Anthem at a Major League Baseball game.



    Besides being the Rabbi and Cantor for the Westwood Kehilla, Rabbi Stewart is also in
    in private practice as a therapist. Family and adolescent issues.


    Rabbi Stewart is a baseball fan and a Dodger fan, so when the Dodgers asked him to sing the National Anthem he was honored. He has sung the national Anthem but not live in front of 50,000 people. This is something he has always wanted to do.




    The Star Spangled Banner is known to be a very challenging song because of the many different vocal ranges one must go through during the song. Rabbi Avi Stewart

    did an amazing job. To see a local Rabbi sing the National Anthem filled every Jew in the stadium with pride and goose bumps! 


    Rabbi sang slowly, clearly and hit every note perfectly and recieved a very LOUD applause from 40,000 Dodger fans.


    Below are photos of Rabbi Stewart being preped and doing sound check just prior to him singing. In the video you will see the Three Jewish Representaivves of the three branches of the military to the right saluting the flag. Off to the left you will see Rebbetzin Stwart with there children watching on as Abba captivates the entire crowd.



    Rabbi Avi Stewart of Westwhood kehilla is preped with ear-phone

    and sound check prior to singing.




    It was a huge Kiddush Hashem to have an orthodox Rabbi Represent our community and our country in such a public and refined way. Yasher Koach to both Rabbis Mintz and Stewart, their respective familys and shuls.

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  • US Military Honored at Jewish Community Day at Dodger Stadium



    Left to right:

    Chaplain (LT) Daniel Kamzan US Navy

    Chaplain (1LT) David Becker California Army National Guard

    Captain Jeff Montanari US Air Force


    They were there to represent Jewish Military Members on Dodger Jewish Community Day on behalf of Jewish Friends of the American Armed Forces (JFAAF, They are chaplains and Military Members proud of our faith and Service to their country.


    JFAAF supports Jewish life on military bases throughout the world by sponsoring Jewish programing in partnership with Jewish Chaplains serving on bases and ships around the world, JFAAF is everywhere the military is. Shabbatonim, Kosher Food, Yom Tov events, dependent tuition assistance, kosher care packages, sponsorships and scholarships for separated military members to learn in Israel. All provided by JFAAF. 


    Chaplain (1LT) David Becker California Army National Guard was honored with throwing out

    the first pitch.  His throw did make it all the way to the plate (60.5 ft) and had some

    heat and it was a strike. Yasher Koach Rabbi Becker you made all Jewish Baseball Fans Proud!  (see related story of Rabbi Avi stewart singing the national anthem. In the video the three military community members can be seen in full military dress saluting the flag as the Rabbi sung the National Anthem.)


    It was a very big Kiddush Hashem to have three outstanding Military members of our community in uniform representing differnet branches of service and out Jewish Community.

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  • A New Singles Group for 35 - 55! Great events, long over due!

    LA Jewish Singles Event for ages 35 - 55 years!!!!  FIRST EVENT IS 9/7

    Tired of feeling left out of dating sites and events because you aren't the right age? 


    Well, a few people got together and decided it was time to step up and do something about it!  An exciting event is planned for the "older singles crowd" to create an opportunity for people to meet and mingle without pressure in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.  


    Busby's is a unique sports bar in which customers can play pool, darts, ping-pong, and other table top games while watching various sports and meeting new people. 

    It's fun and comfortable and a most welcoming atmosphere. 


    Kosher drinks and snacks will be provided and some of LA's finest Shadchanim will be present to help facilitate meetings.


    Cost is $20 on-line in advance or $25 at the door and everyone is welcome! 


    Go to www.eventbrite,com to RSVP and for further information.



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