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    After extensive research, a newly updated Starbucks list has been compiled by the cRc. The following are some of the changes from the previous list:

    1) The cRc now can recommend getting a latte in any location as long as one orders a “kiddie latte” - which means to order it prepared at 115 degree Fahrenheit.

    2) For those that do not use regular milk, in addition to soy milk, there is also coconut milk available under the OU.

    3) Cold brew coffee (a new item) presents a kashrus issue due to kovush.

    4) Teavana teas are mostly not yet kosher certified but they are slowly working towards becoming certified. Of course plain, unflavored tea does not need a hechsher.

    5) Clover coffee can be ordered if one asks the Barista to use wooden sticks instead of the metal whisk.




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  • A New Singles Group for 35 - 55! Great events, long over due!

    LA Jewish Singles Event for ages 35 - 55 years!!!!  FIRST EVENT IS 9/7

    Tired of feeling left out of dating sites and events because you aren't the right age? 


    Well, a few people got together and decided it was time to step up and do something about it!  An exciting event is planned for the "older singles crowd" to create an opportunity for people to meet and mingle without pressure in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.  


    Busby's is a unique sports bar in which customers can play pool, darts, ping-pong, and other table top games while watching various sports and meeting new people. 

    It's fun and comfortable and a most welcoming atmosphere. 


    Kosher drinks and snacks will be provided and some of LA's finest Shadchanim will be present to help facilitate meetings.


    Cost is $20 on-line in advance or $25 at the door and everyone is welcome! 


    Go to www.eventbrite,com to RSVP and for further information.



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    The Los Angeles Police Department Robbery-Homicide Division is issuing a warning to the public about a recent rash of phone scams involving a threat that a family member is being held hostage, and will not be released until the victim’s family wires money.


    The victims are contacted by a suspect who states they are holding a family member hostage. The caller then demands money to be wired, or they will kill or hurt the hostage. The suspect advises the victim to go to an ATM to withdraw money, and then send the money via wire services. Other variations of the extortion include the caller contacting miscellaneous businesses for “Protection Money.” The phone calls are originating from Mexico.


    Below are crime prevention tips to avoid falling victim of this scam:

    • Incoming calls made from an outside area code or Country.

    Callers go to great lengths to keep you on the phone, insisting you remain on the line.

    Calls do not come from the victim’s phone.

    Callers try to prevent you from contacting the “Kidnapped” victim.

    Multiple successive phone calls.

    Demands for ransom money to be paid via wire transfer.

    Be suspicious of callers who demand immediate payment for any reason.

    Never give out personal or financial information to anyone who emails or calls you unsolicited.

    Never wire money, provide debit or credit card numbers to someone you do not know.


    Anyone with information or questions regarding this crime is asked to contact Detectives Orlando Martinez or Freddy Arroyo, at Robbery-Homicide Division, (213) 486-6840.


    It is very upsetting even if you are aware of the scam it is very upseting to hear a stranger say the words "We have your xxxxxx and we are going to Kill him"  Even if you are aware that you could

    get this call, nothing can prepare you for how you will feel if you do get such a call.


    This scam has happened to people in this community.  They reported that although they did not believe the call they were so upset that they strongly concidered putting up the money!  In both cases the victims tried calling the ALLEGED  KIDNAPPED VICTIOM family member and they initially could not get a hold of them and this made them panic! 

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  • Rabbi Jason Weiner just named Rabbi of Knesset Israel of Beverlywood

    September 3, 2015

    19 Elul, 5775

    Knesset Israel of Beverlywood welcomes Rabbi Jason Weiner as its new rabbi. Rabbi Weiner was chosen out a number of rabbis who we recruited. “We are elated to have Rabbi Weiner with us because he is warm, wonderful, intelligent, and funny,” said Rabbi Avraham Schefres, who is the new president of Knesset Israel. “Rabbi Weiner has the ability and fortitude to take Knesset Israel to the next chapter of the shul,” Rabbi Schefres added. Rabbi Weiner said "I have been incredibly impressed with the genuine warmth, friendliness and love of Torah amongst the Knesset members, and am very excited to begin spending Shabbat and holidays with them."


    Knesset Israel of Beverlywood located at 2364 South Robertson Boulevard, is celebrating 59 years of service to the Jewish community. Knesset Israel started with a group of dedicated Hungarian Jews who wanted a shul for Shabbat and holidays in the Beverlywood area. Through their dedication, they were able to continue being ‘the little shul on Robertson’ offering a family atmosphere. 59 years later, Knesset Israel has new board members and a new dynamic rabbi while maintaining the same friendly atmosphere in a modern orthodox setting. The addition of Rabbi Weiner will enhance the growth of Knesset Israel by adding programs that will appeal to more people in the community.


    rabbiRabbi Weiner comes to Knesset Israel of Beverlywood with much experience and education. He currently serves as the Senior Rabbi & Manager of Spiritual Care at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and was the Assistant Rabbi of Young Israel of Century City from 2006-2009. Rabbi Weiner holds two Rabbinic Ordinations, earned an MA in Bioethics and Health Policy as well as an MA in Jewish History. In addition, Rabbi Weiner serves a member of the Rabbinical Council of California (RCC), is a recipient of numerous awards including the Orthodox Union “Rabbinic Leadership Award”, authored “Guide to Observance of Jewish Law in a Hospital”, and is published in The Journal of Halacha and Contemporary Society. Rabbi Weiner will maintain his current position at Cedars-Sinai while joining Knesset Israel as a part time rabbi.


    “It is a perfect shidduch,” said Mr. Adam Hyman, the New Vice President of Knesset Israel. “Rabbi Weiner has many talents to offer the shul. He understands the goals of the shul, he knows the community, and he comes highly recommended,” added Mr. Adam Hyman.


    The ‘little shul on Robertson,’ will start Rosh Hashanah this year with a new rabbi and the same family atmosphere created by its founding members. If you have an opportunity to stop by you will be able to enjoy timeless lessons taught in a warm atmosphere. For more information please contact the shul at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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