Sep 12, 2019 News

STORY UPDATED at 5:30PM 9/12

Cremation was stopped! Kosher burial will take place. 

This Friday I got a call as I often do from Providence Hospital in Mission Hills.
A lady was on the phone and asked me if I could please come visit her husband who has stage 4 cancer.
She was crying. I told her to calm down and I’ll be there in 1 hour. By the time I arrived at the hospital he was being transported home 
for hospice care.  I went to the house to visit for a few hours.

I went to the address she gave me. They basically live in a half a garage with a window unit air conditioner and just a hospital bed and another bed. Very sad, extremely extremely poor and sad situation. I said Viduy with him put on tefillin,  gave them a challah and walked outside.

On the way out I asked his wife what they will be doing with David’s body should the time come? She ask me what is supposed to be done?

I told her a Jewish body does not get cremated.  |We need to make sure we have a proper burial. She told me she’s very afraid of the cost as they have absolutely no money.  To me this was obvious after seeing where they live. I told her I will take care of any funeral costs, just do me a favor and call me when something happens.

I heard nothing from her and Wednesday I decided to call her.

I called her and she told me that he died on Sunday but she was very embarrassed to call me so she gave the body to SoCal Cremations.
She feels really bad about it but does not want to burden me.

I told her  all about the holiness of the Jewish body and that there is no way we can cremate him. She has to stop it immediately and sign over all the paperwork to me. She said if you’re really serious I’ll meet you at SoCal Cremations in 2 hours.  I met her there Wednesday 9/11,  she signed over the paperwork. Chevra Kadisha now has the body and Mount Olives, the cemetery will take him. The burial will be at 11 on Friday.


We need to raise $5,000 which should cover the costs of this burial and this mais  mitzvah