After a tragic car accident family wants to fulfill the wishes of their father to be buried in Eretz Yisroel.

Nov 06, 2019 Chesed / Local Jewish News

After a tragic car accident family wants to fulfill the wishes of their father to be buried in Eretz Yisroel.

My father, of 80 years, passed away late Monday night.


On Erev Rosh Hashannah he unfortunately got into a car accident where he drove through the gate of his apartment complex crashing into a wall. His car’s airbags deployed resulting in a broken sternum and shock to his kidneys. In addition, it was found that he had pneumonia which made it hard for him to breath. The doctors were attempting to stabilize his breathing and kidney functions and had him in ICU for almost 2 weeks till they got him stable. They, in turn, moved him out of ICU with anticipation of getting him in a rehab facility then home. He would then retire and move to Israel. However, several hours later he took a turn for the worse. He vomited blood then aspirated the blood into his lungs, triggering 3 cardiac arrests. One took over 10 minutes to resuscitate him. They got him stable by intubating him and inducing a coma. The next morning his fever spiked and he started to have seizures. The doctors discovered that a significant amount of brain damage occurred from the the cardiac arrests. For 2 1/2 weeks he was in a coma when he unfortunately was Nifter.


Both my brother and I plus his 5 grandchildren really loved him a lot. 


My father came from Iraq in the early 50’s and settled in Israel with his 12 brothers and sisters. He came here to live, always yearning to retire and go back to Israel to be with his siblings. Also, he wanted to be with my brother’s family, as well, who made aliyah 20 years ago. Both my wife and I and our two kids knew he would retire and return to Israel soon. Until just 2 days before the accident my father was still very active and working as a salesman. He loved being active and vibrant.


On numerous occasions my father expressed his wishes to be buried in Israel. Right now both my brother and I are doing our best to fulfill his wishes. He wants to be next to where his parents and three brothers are buried. My brother is able to cover the costs of a burial in Israel.  However, I have no funds to help with any of the Chevra Kadisha costs here to send his body to Israel. My brother is strapped out to cover those costs as well. In addition, I want help with a flight for myself to go to the funeral as well. The Chevra Kadisha costs here are around $6500 for flying his body plus Shomer fees of $136/day. 


These funds I do not have, and I am not in a position to take on a loan. So I sought out help from Rabbi Rivkin who referred me to you. He mentioned that you may know of righteous donors who may help. I therefore requesting your help with any assistance you can give our family. We are trying to fulfill his wishes and keep the Mitzvah of Kivud Av VaAim. 


I implore you and appreciate any help you can extend in our time if need…


Here is a GoFundMe page my mother helped set up.