Sep 17, 2019 Uncategorized

This year JFAM will hold services and full kosher meals for Jewish Service Members on U.S. military bases from Camp Pendleton, in California to Afghanistan and even in Japan. We at JFAM are tireless in our efforts to provide for Jews serving our nation and defending your freedom. As you stand in prayer in your Synagogues, Temples, and Shuls this holiday season you can be proud that you have afforded kosher food, holiday services and support for these heroes. Supporting our Jewish troops is not just a highly impacting good deed… a Mitzvah, it is a patriotic act that tells our troops you care. So please help us now, Jewish Service Members need your support.

There are over 30,000 Jewish troops in the US military and much like our brothers and sisters in the IDF (Israel Defense Force) their needs are overwhelming and immediate. Whether it be desperately requested High Holiday programming on bases, Jewish camp experiences for military children, or kosher burial services, there is a tremendous need and we are urgently requesting that if you can donate, the time is now. As Rosh Ha’Shana approaches the needs multiply.

For the Chagim, JFAM is supporting programming for hundreds of military members and their families. It costs only $250.00 for each member to participate in a complete holiday experience. What could be a better cause than supporting our own Jewish troops who ensure our freedoms here at home?