Jul 26, 2019 News / Pico Community

Help Support Menachem Green


For a limited time, each dollar you donate to the Menachem Green Fund will be DOUBLED, thanks to a group of generous donors!

Two years ago at the age of 32, Menachem Green was working and living a normal, prosperous and happy life.  Menachem had dreams and aspirations of marriage and family.  Suddenly, he lost his sight.

His blindness challenges his ability to perform daily tasks, including working, cooking, cleaning, shopping, even using the cell phone and email.  Despite the dramatic changes in his life, Menachem attends shiurim, is a regular at Adas Torah each Shabbos, and he takes the time to send many a “Good Shabbos” text.

Currently, Menachem is learning to regain his independence, use a computer, and access all the technology and equipment we all deal with on a daily basis.

With your help, we aim to establish a fund that will give Menachem a monthly stipend so that he can continue working to gain his independence and live his life once again as an gainfully employed, contributing member of our community.

DOUBLE your dollars for a limited time!  Please give now.  All funds will be held and administered by Beis Knesses of Los Angeles. Rabbi Elchanan Shoff can be contacted with any questions.

Please give generously, and let’s join together to take a giant step forward in helping Menachem regain his footing in life!

Rabbinically Endorsed by:

Rabbi Asher Brander (Link Kollel & Shul)

Rabbi Daniel Cavalier (Young Sephardic Community Center)

Rabbi Elazar Muskin (Young Israel of Century City)

Rabbi Dovid Revah (Adas Torah)

Rabbi Elchanan Shoff (Beis Knesses of Los Angeles)

Community Support:

Craig and Yael Ackerman

Hillel and Sabrina Kamionski

Robert and Judy Millman

Ron and Cheryl Nagel

Jonny and Amy Ritz

Lou and Sima Shapiro

Scott and Julianne Sobel