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Frum Father in NJ Donated Kidney in a kindney swap on Tuesday.

A wonderful frum married father with kids, from Highland Park, NJ, who donated a kidney in a kidney swap on Tuesday at New York Presbytarian - Columbia.


The donor prefers to remain anonymous.


The donor had contacted me that he wanted to donate a kidney, after seeing a posting donorsI had in the Edison-Highland Park Bulletin Board Yahoo group seeking kidney !


This donor was matched up with Michael, a Jewish 44 year old father of a young child from a suburb of Chicago, who had an antibodies problem and was not easy to match.


This Highland Park man, ended up not being a match for Michael, but was willing to donate a kidney in a kidney swap, which enabled Michael to get a kidney from someone else.   If he had not agreed to donate to someone else in the swap, Michael would not have gotten a kidney. If someone needs a kidney and is hard to match, kidney swaps is the answer for many of those.


This swap ended up saving 4 lives, and if one donor would have backed out, the swap would have fallen apart. Thank G-d, everything went well! Went to visit at the hospital - and the donor was leaving one day after his kidney donation and looked great, Boruch Hashem! Michael's new kidney was working great, also, Boruch Hashem!


If anyone else would like to donate a kidney - still need a donor for:


1. Father of 9, also 2 year old at the same hospital - blood type A (both are hard to match) Father of 9 needs a kidney in an emergency!

2. Father of 4 - blood type O

3. Man in his 30's - blood type B (has a hard time finding a match)

4.   Man in his 40's - blood type AB (not easy to match either)


"He who saves one life, it's as if he saved the entire world" - Talmud Sanhendrin


Please feel free to contact me if you need more info on kidney donation. Thanks!





Chaya Lipschutz

(917) 627-8336



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