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Women's Tehillim Group: Tuesday nights 8:30 p.m. 1540 S. Edris.  Los Angeles, CA 90035
Women's Tehillim Group: Every Shabbos afternoon at 160 S. Detroit St.  at 4:00 pm until further notice.
Tehillim and Perek Shirah every Shabbos afternoon at Gitty Munitz 321 N Alta Vista Blvd 3:45pm 12/2  
Women's Tehillim Group Every Shabbos afternoon at 4:45 (until further notice) at the home of Carol Bess 438 North Detroit Street  
Every Friday night half hour after Hadlokas Neiros at the home of Rebetzin Malkie Halberstam 101 North Fuller Avenue. Women's Tehillim Group: Sunday through Friday at 9:00 am Shabbos afternoon at 5:00 pm 128 North McCadden Place - in the back house.




UPDATE 1/21/13
Baruch Ben Rivkah having emergency surgery Sunday 1/20/13
needs tefila now.


Penina Aviva bat Sarah

Zelda Yehudis bas Lillian

Zelda Yehudis bas Lillian

Nurit bat Sara is at Cedar Sinai in critical condition and needs our tefillos



Yaakov ben Ibnal, a year old baby in a very critical condition is in urgent need of our prayers. Please say tehillim and pray for his immediate refuah shelaima.


Pinchas Yechezkel ben Brina Rachel
Pinchas will be teaching Pirke Avos to completion with siyum beginning June 18th every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7p to 9p. He will be teaching/learning in the zechus of his complete refuah. Attend as many nights as possible. (CLICK HERE FOR FLYER AND DETAILS)


NEW URGENT REQUEST FOR TEHILIM Please daven for Perel bas Golda, Harvey Tannenbaum's mother  formerly of LA now in Efrat, Israel Perel (aka Pepi) was critically injured in a car accident on Tuesday in Israel. 6/14


Please continue to daven Baby Boy 18 months old from the Los Angeles community undergoing extensive chemo treatment Binyomin Chaim Ben Faigie Sarah


URGENT!!!!! Please say Tehilim for David Chaim ben Sarahi. He is in a critical condition. He suffered a stroke, is in a deep coma and not in a good situation. Please say Tehilim for his recovery.6/4


TEHILLIM CONTINUE Please continue to say Tehilim for refua shelema for FLORA BAT RACHEL. She had unexpected brain surgery a week ago and will be having another surgery soon. 5/30


TEHILLIM Pleasé say tehillim for and have Avraham ben Moones in mind in your tefillos. He is having a kidney removed tomorrow(Wednesday) morning. 5/30


NEW TEHILLIM Please Say Kapital 80 and daven for a Refuah Shleimah for my mother Batyah Bas Mina ... we should hear B'soros Tovos! 5/20


TEHILLIM UPDATE Please continue to daven for Shelaim Tzvi ben Chaya Gitel "Boruch hashem, he is doing well, but we still need the communities continued tefilos."-wife. 5/20

TEHILLIM UPDATE For Yaakov ben Inbal, 15 months old. Had kidney removed due to tumor on 9 Iyar. Yaakov B"H recuperating at home. Please continue to say Tehillim for him. Tehillim should continue to Shavuos for sure, then we will update.


I want to thank everyone who has been davening for my father. I just wanted to give an update that with Hashem's help he has gained a bit of his consciousness. However, there are many other complications that really needs our davening and with Hashem's help it will be cured. I really would appreciate it if you continue to daven for him. YISHMAEL YAIR BEN SHAMSI


UPDATE: ON 6 MONTH OF OPEN HEART SURGERY TAKE OFF TEHILLIM LISTS 6/4 Father told me that she is doing good and I could take off list! Community please add this name Beeri Yisroel ben Dorit Simcha to your refuah shleimah tehilim.


"Please say for Tehillim for Melech Shlomo ben Rachel" 5/16/12

Thanks for posting the tehilim request for my husband Melech Shlomo ben Rachel. He had a successful spinal fusion surgery this morning, and will be home in a few days. Please continue davening for him as he is still in a lot of pain, although the doctor said this is normal for the recovery period.


Tehillim for women and girls every Shabbos @ 6:00 pm, 160 S. Detroit St.


LADYS TEHILIM Please join us for ladies tehillim at 128 N. McCadden Place DAILY 9 AM SHABBOS 6 PM


My Grandma became ill yesterday with lung difficulties, please daven for: Echta Pearl bat Rachel


Rabbi Mattisyahu Salomon was feeling shvach and is in the hospital having some tests. They hope all will be well, and don't want to alarm anyone, but prayers and tehillim are always appreciated.

Rabbi Mattisyahu Chaim ben Etel


Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky - Harav Shmaryahu Yosef Chaim ben Pesha Miriam


 Please say Tehillim for Kalo (kah-LOW) bat Sarah


Please say Tehilim for Arie Leib ben Sara Rivka kapitel Pei and more for Refua Shlema


Please say Tehillim for Hadassa bas Rachel


EMERGENCY TEHILLIM Thirteen year old Boy just had his Bar Mitzvah this past shabbos suffered a major head injury today and is in critical condition. He is on a respirator and in desperate need of Rachmei Shamayim! His name is

Yosef Meir Ben Miriam Henya


A prominent Orthodox rabbi in America, Yisroel ben Chana Tzirel, was rushed to the hospital and had emergency surgery this morning, Feb. 12. Every prayer is precious to the Almighty and so are doing extra acts of kindness (no matter how small) in the merit of those who need Divine mercy. PLEASE act on behalf of:


UPDATE: A name was added to R' Belsky-- It should now be Chaim Yisroel ben Chana TzirelYisroel (Sent to Hillygram from subscriber that saw on Jewish World Review.)



There is an extremely urgent situation in the Jewish community of Baltimore.
Chaya Esther bas Feiga Yenta May we soon hear news of her recovery,


URGENT TEHILLIM NEEDED: **UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE Two 17 yr old boys from the community were involved in a major collision and need our prayers. OUT OF COMA! KEEP DAVENING! Their names are: Menachem ben Miriam and Daniel ben Sarah


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