Local Author Daniel Braude has written a book on “learning Shabbos in 3 minutes a day” – now in it’s fifth printing this year!

Make 5780 a SHABBOS year! Get the Shabbos Book

Need a project for the year? Start 5780 the SHABBOS way!

“Learn Shabbos in just 3 minutes a day” is a new book for those who want to learn the most practical laws of Shabbos in a quick and easy way.

Now in it’s 5th print this year alone, thousands of Jews around the worldwide are keeping Shabbos better.

Get 640 easy pages for only $20!

– Designed for daily learning

– Easy-to-use index for when you’re stuck

– Fully referenced

– Haskomas from leading Rabbonim

– Covers everything you need to know

– Taken on as a project in shuls, yeshivas, whatsApp groups and ‘sems’ globally!

Distributed by Feldheim, and available at: https://www.feldheim.com/learn-shabbos-in-just-3-minutes-a-day.html

Available now at all major Jewish bookshops, in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Israel and on Amazon.com

For Johannesburg orders, please contact : dannybraude@gmail.com