30,000 Jewish troops in the US military – SUPPORT OUR TROOPS THIS NEW YEAR

This past week our nation suffered the loss of 13 heroes who died trying to evacuate fellow Americans stranded in Afghanistan. (Scroll down to see names and pictures of those we lost). There will come a time for us to investigate how and why this happened, and there will come a moment for us to respond in kind to the murderers who perpetrated this crime. As a visceral sense of overwhelming grief begins to overtake us, feelings of helplessness can sometimes creep in. What can we ACTUALLY DO at this difficult time for our troops? The clear answer is support. Show the troops that fight for our freedom, that you have their back and always will.

Max Soviak USN, Kareem Nikoui USM, David Lee Espinoza USM, Rylee McCollum USM, Jared Schmitz USM, Hunter Lopez USM. Killed while defending fellow Americans, Allied Nationals and Afghani Patriots.

The 13
Max Soviak, Corpsmen (20 years old)
Kareem Nikoui, Marine (22 years old)
David Lee Espinoza, Marine (20 years old)
Rylee McCollum, Marine (20 years old)
(His wife is due with their first baby in 3 weeks)
Jared Schmitz, Marine (20 years old)
Hunter Lopez, Marine (22 years old)
Taylor Hoover, Marine (31 years old)
Daegan William-Tyeler Page (23 years old)
Ricky Thompson, Marine (21 years old)
Humberto Sanchez, Marine (22 years old)
Johanny Rosario, Marine (25 years old)
Ryan Knauss, Army (23 years old)
Nicole Gee, Marine (23 years old)
May G-D grant bless all the men and women of the American Armed Forces. May the memory of all those who gave their lives in defense of our Country and our Freedoms be a blessing. May HE heal the hearts of their families who suffered such a staggering and sudden loss.
Remember their names

JFAM aids literally thousands of deployed Jewish service members and they need our support now. In response to the the current geo-political ongoing operation, numerous Rabbi Chaplains have been deployed to multiple locations in the Middle East. Jewish military communities in Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, and Jordan will have services supported by JFAM – as a direct result of your donations.

This year, as we all stand in prayer, be proud that you have afforded kosher food, holiday services and aid to these heroes. Backing our Jewish troops is not just a highly impacting good deed… a Mitzvah, it is a patriotic duty that shows our troops you care. So please help us now, Jewish Service Members need your support.

There are over 30,000 Jewish troops in the US military, and much like our brothers and sisters in the IDF (Israel Defense Force), their needs are overwhelming and immediate. Whether it be desperately requested High Holiday programming on bases, Jewish camp experiences for military children, or kosher burial services, there is a tremendous need.

As Rosh Ha’Shana approaches, please donate to our heroes. The time is now

Operation Deployed

JFAM spearheads Operation Deployed which provides a box of Kosher essentials for hundreds of military members and their families. The Military falls far short of provide for the Kosher needs of our Jewish personnel. Therefore, it falls to us to provide for our Brothers and Sisters in uniform. Thanks to the graciousness of our various partners, each box costs only $75.00 and the demand grows day by day. What better way to show our appreciation for our Jewish troops?

If would like to support please visit www.j-fam.org/donate or you can send checks to:
5404 Whitsett Ave. #140
Valley Village, CA 91607
If you have a chance, please check out our initiatives at www.j-fam.org
Wishing you all a Shana Tova filled with health, joy and prosperity.