It is with great sadness that we inform the community of the passing of

Mrs. Kaila Hollander, Kaila Menucha bas Dovid Yitzchak

Beloved wife of Rabbi Tzvi Boruch Hollander .

Beloved mother of Dovid Mordechai, Eliezer, Mayer Simcha, Yehuda Nosson, and Aidel Miriam Feldstein.


Took place Tuesday 6/30 Mrs Kaila Hollander A'H was niftar after a long and painful illness. During the many many years that she suffered she never once complained despite the endless treatments and being wheelchair bound. Reb Tzvi Baruch did everything humanly possible to help her get thru each day with care and passion. During this period to get Mrs Hollander the help she needed many treatments, medications, therapies and home care were not covered by Insurance. The Hollander family did not have a penny to have more then what their basic needs were and had to constantly borrow money to get the help she desperately needed. Sadly the Hollanders are now left after their mother and wife suddenly left this world at 60 years old with no money to bury her and a long list of debts. Please help this amazing family during this tragic time. Checks can be mailed to Chasdei Elimelech 546 N Detroit St LA CA 90036 Please put in memo "Hollander" --------------------------------------------------------------------------


Thursday 7/2 in Chicago


The Hollander family will return to Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon and will sit shiva until Tuesday morning after Shachris. 
Address of Shiva is 349 N Citrus Ave 

Sunday-mincha maariv together 7:55pm

Mincha Maariv- 7:55pm


Tuesday- 7:30 shacharis and then we’re getting up