Aug 30, 2021 Article / Local Jewish News

The City of Santa Monica’s bus system, The Big Blue Bus, which has routes that extend into other cities and as far away as downtown Los Angeles, wants to get rid of cash to instead requiring either a Tap Card or a phone with their downloaded App.  They’re currently in a trial period of not accepting cash.  I explained to Ed King, Santa Monica’s Transportation Department head, that some Sabbath observers sometimes want to take the bus with cash on the way somewhere and don’t want to throw away their Tap Card or phone and that there is a similar issue Motzaei Shabbat.  Ed King told me that they’d be more likely to accommodate Sabbath observers who need to use cash late Friday afternoon and/or Motzie Shabbat if they were to receive comments/inquiries from others.  (He told me that they must go through a review process that is required under federal law before they can finalize the change.)  He suggested that public comments could definitely influence their decision as to how or if they were to implement the process.

If anyone wants to make such comment, they may reach out to the Big Blue Bus or the Santa Monica Transportation Department at 310-451-5444.

They can also reach out to Ed King, Director of Transit Services:

By phone: Call the main SM city line at 310-458-8411 and hit Ed King’s extension, 5846

By email: