The SIDEWALK .. we are part of Beverly Hills Thai Kosher Kitchen on Burton Way – The Sidewalk is the newly opened Kosher  Take-out restaurant. We offer delicious ASIAN noodles & ASIAN rice bowls MENU.


Our Kitchen strictly supervised by RCC (Rabbinical  Council of California}


Popular items on the Menu ” YOU MUST TRY ONCE”  are :

  • CHICKEN RAMEN  Trendy Japanese Noodles Soup
  • CRISPY CHILLI BEEF over RICE  Hybrid Thai/Chinese Crispy Beef  & Chili 
  • BOAT NOODLES BEEF SOUP,  Legendary THAI  Noodles with Beef Soup 
  • KOW SOI Chicken NOODLES  Original Recipe from Northern Hills of Thailand
  • TOFU GINGER Curry NOODLES. Indian inspired Bowl of Noodles
  • BEEF BOWL Japanese Style Yoshinoya Beef Bowl but KOSHER WAY
  • PHO chicken Noodles Soup -Vietnamese Noodles Bowl 


 From our favourites – Street Food Style  from countries all over ASIA –   we pre craftly prepare the dishes Kosher way and we know you will never taste anything like it. We know that  KOSHER makes it even “Better Tastes” as its original tastes.   


COME & ENJOY this amazing menu and ask to sample our food– we created for you.  Check out our website at