Community Online Reporting Service (CORS)

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Other Numbers

•      General City Services: 3-1-1

•      LA Department of Mental Health: 800/854-7771

•      Homelessness Outreach Services: LA HOP or 2-1-1

•      National Domestic Violence Hotline: 800/799-7233

•      Parking Enforcement: 213/485-4184

•      Police Non-Emergency: 877/275-5273

•      Department of Water & Power: 800/342-5397


•      Immediate Life Threatening Emergency: 9-1-1


Community-Police Advisory Boards (C-PABs) were created in 1993 to provide community members with an opportunity to provide information and advice to their respective Area and to take information from the police department back to the community.

Each of the 21 geographic Areas (community police stations) throughout Los Angeles has its own C-PAB. These advisory groups meet monthly to discuss crime and quality of life issues. Each C-PAB has two co-chairs, one of the Area commanding officer while the second is a civilian member voted on by the membership.

Recently, many C-PABs have formed subcommittees in addition to the general group to tackle specific crime and quality of life problems. Examples of C-PAB subcommittees include Graffiti, Youth, Homeless Outreach and Traffic. Each Area/Station has its own CPAB depending on where you are interested in getting involved

How to Become a LAPD Volunteer

For information on volunteer opportunities with the LAPD, contact the Community Outreach and Development Division. Program Information, including the application process, as well as current volunteer opportunities will be provided. All applicants are required to be fingerprinted as part of LAPD background procedures.

If you aren’t sure which station you should call, or you have specific interest in one of the LAPD specialized divisions, you may contact the Department’s Volunteer Unit, email at 213-486-6000