Emergency Kosher Supplies: #1 Problem Jewish Soldiers Face in the Military

Dear Friends of JFAM,

Thank you for your ongoing support for our troops worldwide. Today, we must discuss the number #1 problem we as Jewish soldiers face in the military, namely Emergency Kosher Supplies. We have done a full-scale analysis and the actual need for all Jewish troops stationed worldwide is about 3,000 boxes per month. This would sufficiently provide for all troops stationed at any given time. I personally am deploying this Thursday so trust me, the need is real! 

The only Kosher options that exist in the military are designed to hold hunger at bay during a conflict or in a training mission in the field. These are not at all sufficient to provide for the actual needs of a serviceman, be it Soldier, Marine, Airmen or Sailor. We currently have collected 30% of this initiative, Operation Deployed, thus far on recurring monthly donations. It is a really simple process, as we get sponsors from donors like yourself that covers the cost of the food and shipping. We have an infrastructure in place with our distributor, they pack and send the box at cost. Each box costs $75.00 and the difference this makes to our troops is truly incomprehensible. Although a one-time box donation is tremendously appreciated and will go directly to a troop overseas, please consider a monthly donation, as we have thousands of servicemen deployed all over the world at any given time and this is truly the only way to actually complete the mission. 

Please head over to www.j-fam.org/deployed to complete your donation. Please also help in spreading this to your friends, colleagues and community. This is one way to actually make a real meaningful difference to our troops worldwide. 

Thank you so much for setting the example, that as patriotic Jews, not only do we support our own, but we love and appreciate our great country as well.

Very Respectfully
Chaplain David Becker
Director, Jewish Friends of American Military