Partners in Torah: Chanukah Seminar on Inspired Parenting for All Ages

12/13/2020 6:15 pm TO 12/13/2020 8:00 pm   Every sunday

Neighborhood: VIRTUAL Category: Chanukah / Classes / parenting

Don’t just fill up on donuts this Chanukah…
fill up on some parenting inspiration too!


Don’t we all want our children to live inspired lives? To somehow rise above today’s device-saturated, over-scheduled, fast-moving world and be motivated to develop their
G-d-given potential? Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. It’s easier said than done! But…is it possible


Well, this Sunday night at 9:15pm EST, wrap up your Chanukah festivities early so you can tune in to this unique and practical seminar on inspired parenting with Adina Stilerman. It’s for parents of all ages and stages and totally FREE so register now…you don’t miss it!

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