From Mazal tov to Baruch Dayan Haemes – MURDER IN JERUSALEM

Nov 23, 2021 World Jewish News

Whether you have felt it or not, yesterday and today have been very difficult days for all of us and you need to take a moment to appreciate that fact. Sunday Nov 21st , Eliyahu Kay was murdered. Today was his funeral.

Eliyahu Kay was a 26 year old kid who lived in my neighborhood in Modi’in and davened at my shul with his parents and family..and he was murdered by a Palestinian terrorist yesterday morning in the Old City. The Kays made aliya to Modi’in recently from South Africa and my community and shul warmly welcomed them as one of the new olim families in the neighborhood. Shortly after arriving they made a wedding for one of their other sons, Eliyahu’s brother. Eliyahu’s mother Devora is in an exercise class that my wife Cheryl attends. Just a couple of weeks ago, before and after that wedding, the messages in the class’ Whatsapp group were filled with everyone wishing Devora a “Mazal Tov”. Yesterday and today the Whatsapps to Devora in the group, almost immediately following the “Mazal Tovs”, were tear-filled messages of condolence, pain and anger.

This horrific terror act hits close to home… again. Make no mistake, there is only one reason why they seek our destruction and death – we are Jews living in Israel. These terrorists, and their leaders who incite and pay them to murder, *do not care* whether we live in the communities next to Gaza, or in so-called “settlements” in the ‘West Bank’ or in Gush Etzion near Hebron, or in the Old City of Jerusalem – or even in Modi’in…mere blocks from my house. We are Jews proudly living in Eretz Yisrael – terrorists need no other reason to murder Jews.

Please know that when the newspapers and media report a terrorist attack in Israel – “1 killed, 3 wounded” – these aren’t random people who have no connection to you. They are our people – yours and mine. They are our close friends. They are our mishpocha. They are our children.

Please take a moment to internalize and understand that murdering our children, the murder of 26 yr old Eliyahu Kay who moved to Modi’in, Israel from South Africa, is not an isolated event – it is an attack on all of us.

Author – Adam Fishman A resident of Modiā€™in Adam is the Executive Director of American Friends of Likud