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Nov 15, 2021 Article

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Help Menachem Green Campaign!

In 2017, at the age of 32, Menachem Green was working and living a prosperous and happy life, with aspirations of marriage and family. Suddenly, he lost his eyesight. 

His blindness challenges his ability to perform daily tasks, including working, cooking, cleaning, shopping, even using the cell phone and email. Despite these dramatic setbacks, Menachem dovens daily at Adas Torah, attends shiurim and has regular chavrusas. 

Menachem has made great strides regaining his independence, living alone in a studio apartment and working part-time seasonally for the LA Dodgers. Despite modest government support and very limited income, Menachem could not survive without tzedaka. 

He recently suffered a torn hip labrum due to a misstep while walking with his cane, requiring orthopedic surgery on November 12, 2021. He’ll be home bound in his little studio, using a walker for some time. 

Your dollars will pay for uninsured medical equipment and home health care following surgery, and for future rent. 

Please give generously, and let’s join together to help Menachem regain his footing in life! 

All funds will be held and administered by Rabbi Elchanan Shoff, Beis Knesses Los  Angeles, a registered non-profit organization. You will receive a tax-deductible receipt.

Campaign endorsed by:
Rabbi Asher Brander (Link Kollel & Shul)
Rabbi Daniel Cavalier (Beit Aharon) 
Rabbi Elazar Muskin (Young Israel of Century  City) 
Rabbi Dovid Revah (Adas Torah) 
Rabbi Elchanan Shoff (Beis Knesses Los Angeles) 

Campaign supported many Community
Members, including:

Craig and Yael Ackermann 
Michael & Shelli Borkow 
Hillel and Sabrina Kamionski 
Reuven and Tziporah Kasten 
Robert and Judy Millman 
Ron and Cheryl Nagel 
Lou and Sima Shapiro 
Scott and Julianne Sobel 
Yoni and SivanTuchman

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