Keep Our Shops On The Block: $10,000 grants to personal care and retail businesses.

Apr 29, 2021 COVID-19

Keep Our Shops On The Block: Personal care & retail recovery grant

LA City is offering $10,000 grants to personal care and retail businesses. 

470 grants will be deployed.

Apply today! Applications due before 11:59pm on Sunday, 5/2.

 Click below for more information.

Must be one of the following…

  1. Hair salon

  2. Beauty salon

  3. Nail salons

  4. Esthetician office

  5. Skin care office

  6. Electrology office

  7. Barbershop

  8. Shoe repair shop

  9. Dry cleaners

  10. Flower shop

  11. Party supply store

  12. Bookstore

  13. Bakery

  14. Donut shop

  15. Variety discount store

  16. Community grocery store/market

  17. Apparel or clothing store

  18. Automotive or appliance repair shop

  19. Acupuncturist

  20. Personalized gift store

  21. Video game store

  22. Jewelry store

  23. Tattoo shops

  24. Music stores

  25. Accessory store

  26. Eyebrow threading salon

  27. Microblading beauty salon

  28. Body waxing salon

  29. Eyeglasses, sale and repair

  30. Store sells Bathroom sinks

  31. Beauty Supply and Wig Salon

  32. Sells Auto parts

  33. Supplement vitamin store

  34. Sale of healthcare supplements and natural skincare products

  35. Natural, organic bath & body products

  36. Yarn and knitting tools and accessories store

  37. Sales and service of two-way radios

  38. Selling baseball equipment, gear

  39. Selling or repairing phones, equipment or accessories

  40. Home décor retail

  41. Tobacco shop and convenience store

  42. Sells LED lights/ home furnishings

  43. Sells Antique and classic paints

  44. Watch and clock retail and repair

  45. Sale of toys and sunglasses

  46. Bike sales and repairs

  47. Selling wigs, hair extensions

  48. Selling fabric, retail

  49. Selling Furniture, retail

  50. Cosmetic tattoo

51. Convenience store

52. Discount furniture store

53. Custom apparel

54. Wedding and quinceanera dresses

55. Selling movies and music

56. Selling machinery parts and machines – as long as it is retail and not wholesale

57. Candle store

58. Chocolate basket design store

59. Sale of cake/cookie/candy/chocolate making supplies

60. Comic book store

61. Selling Granite headstones

62. Spa (float therapy, cryotherapy, red light, i.e. not massage)

63. Beauty spa specializing in skin care and weight loss (no massage)

64. Facials

65. Infrared sauna

66. Alteration and tailoring

67. Millinery – eligible if it is retail and not wholesale or manufacturing

68. Pet care and grooming

69. Aquarium store and service

70. Healthcare supplies, retail

71. Locksmith

72. Instrument retail/repair

73. Towing services

74. Smog inspection site

75. Party rental, only if retail

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