Northern California man donates kidney to man in Iowa, saving his life.

Feb 09, 2020 Article
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Northern California man donates kidney to a man in Iowa, saving his life.


ERIK STEGER  had already donated blood platelets approx.140 times – saving many lives! Donated bone marrow – saving the life of a man with leukemia!


And now he saved another life by  Donating 60% of his liver – an entire liver lobe – to a stranger!

Eric Steger, 50 year old Orthodox Jewish man  from Sunnyvale (Northern) California donated 60% of his liver (a liver lobe)  to Rabbi Jeff Kurtz-Landner, 53 year old father of 2 from Des Moines, Iowa


Transplant took place at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center on January 7, 2020. Eric, finally was able to donate part of his liver – on his  4thattempt! His liver recipient was told he was on the verge of death! (And hospital didn’t realize this until they removed his old liver!)

“I don’t like funerals, even funerals of people I don’t know,” he said. “What I’m doing is keeping someone from passing before his time. It doesn’t matter who it is.” – Erik.

He did receive a plane ride to Pittsburgh to make the liver donation, but it was a middle seat in coach.

“No good deed goes unpunished,” said Steger, a slender man with a wide smile and a sense of humor that comes in handy in places like hospitals.

Steger became friends with the stranger who got his liver, a Des Moines rabbi named Jeffrey Kurtz-Lendner. They met in the hospital a couple of days after the partial liver changed hands. Doctors said Kurtz-Lendner had been days away from death.

“He’s given me my life,” Kurtz-Lendner said in a video recorded by the rabbi’s wife in his hospital room, with Steger by his side, “and he’s given my kids their smiles back.”




The donation was arranged by 
Chaya Lipschutz – Kidney Donor & Kidney & Liver Matchmaker

(917) 627-8336