Monday, March 9th

Fast Begins: 5:58PM

Machatzis HaShekel

Before Mincha we give Machatzis HaShekel (half shekel) to commemorate the silver half shekel Jews gave in the Beis Hamikdash. They gave it in Adar so that, by Nisan, they could purchase the Communal Sacrifices (Korbonos Tzibur) for the year. It is customary to give 3 half dollars, since Parshas Shekalim mentions the Machatzis HaShekel three times. If you didn’t give it on Ta’anis Esther, you may still do so before the Megillah reading on Purim Day. It is known to be the custom to give Machatzis Hashekel for the entire family. 

(Sicha Ta’anis Esther 5749-1989) 


Mincha: 6:50PM

Maariv: 7:22PM

Fast Ends: 7:33PM


Megillah for Adults: 7:30PM Downstairs

Followed by a Break-the-Fast with Juice and Cake


Parrot Show & Kids Rally: 6:30PM-7:P30M 

Followed by Kids Megillah & Video



Tuesday, March 10th

Daf Yomi Shiur: 7:00AM Downstairs

Shachris: 6:15AM Upstairs Annex


Shachris: 7:15AM Downstairs

Megillah Reading: 7:30AM 


Shachris: 8:15AM Upstairs

Megillah Reading: 8:30AM 


Shachris: 9:15AM Downstairs

Megillah Reading: 9:45AM 


Mincha: 4:30PM

Maariv: 8:45PM


Megillah Reading: 4:30PM 

Purim Seuda: 5:00PM


Purim Party Activities: Caricature Station, Italian-Themed Photo Booth, Live Music & Italian Cuisine!