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Jan 28, 2021 Chesed


Please open your hearts and help the Rand Family

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As a kehilla, we have endured overwhelming tragedy over these many months. Again a tragedy of unbelievable scope, a young wife and mother has been plucked from her family. Bashie Rand was just 37 years old and leaves behind a husband and three children.

The family only recently moved to the East Coast from Henderson, NV. While they accomplished so much in Henderson and were pillars of the community they left out of pure mesiras nefesh in seeking out a high school for their oldest child and yeshivos for the other two children.

Bashie, a true aishes chayil, was her husband’s greatest fan, standing by him in all his endeavors. The quintessential mother to her children they were the apple of her eye.

In addition, as was recounted many times throughout the levaya, Bashie was a speech therapist by profession. She was able to help hundreds of children struggling with speech, however, with her passing; it is not only a loss for the community at large and all the many children’s lives she has impacted through her work but also a significant loss of income for the family.

Somehow, Bashie’s husband and children will need to begin the process of picking up the broken pieces. They cannot do this alone. Mi K’amcha Yisrael! At a time of need is when we as a kahal are at our finest.

With three young children to raise, no income, and a home to maintain we ask that you open your hearts and contribute. Help to carry them through this most difficult time, help to give them what they need. No longer do they have their mother but they have us, Klal Yisrael!

This charitable endeavor has been personally endorsed by:

Harav Dovid Tzvi Schustal, Rosh HaYeshiva Beth Medrash Govoha of Lakewood NJ

​Harav Mordechai Wolmark, Rosh HaYeshiva Yeshiva Shaarei Torah of Monsey NY

Harav Shmuel Tendler, Rav Kehillas Bnei Yisroel of Lakewood NJ

Rabbi Yehoshua Fromowitz, founding Rav of Ahavas Torah Center and Rosh Yeshiva Foxman Torah Institute of Cherry Hill and Greater Philadelphia

Rabbi Moshe Rotberg, Rav Khal Zichron Yechezkel of Toms River NJ

Please donate generously.

Checks can be made out to:

Khal Zichron Yechezkel

1779 Kathleen Ct

Toms River, NJ 08755

Tax ID 82-1530789

Make sure to put “Rand Family Fund” in memo.

All contributions are Tax-deductible 501(c)(3)