Jan 27, 2020 Article / News

FROM TAG LA – Considerations before buying so that later you can best protect yourself and your family. 

Important information for tech consumers:

  • Tag L.A. recommends PC laptops and desktops over the MacBook and Mac desktop. The PC system is easier to filter.
  • iPhones and Androids by Samsung are best for filtering. Tag L.A. requests customers to stay away from other generic manufacturers of Androids as it is harder to install a proper filter. Additionally, Tag L.A. recommends not to purchase very old versions of Android.
  • Tag L.A. can only filter specific flip phones. A comprehensive list is shown on our website under the product tab. Please strictly stay with those flip types.
  • Tag L.A. cannot filter watches or automobiles with browsers. 
  • Tag L.A. feels it relevant to inform the public that we experience the same internet concerns and pitfalls for adolescent girls as boys.
  • For those customers that utilize Amazon Prime Video, please be informed that the system has embedded within its options for parental controls. Please educate yourself with its system and utilize it.
  • For those parents that utilize the iTunes app for Jewish music. There is a myriad of pitfalls associated with the app. There are many Jewish music apps that can be used in its stead.
  • The internet highway is, unfortunately, a lot faster than our local freeways. Anyone that reads the news in Israel knows of the tragic amount of deaths weekly through car accidents in Israel. We should certainly be spending as much time understanding parental control features of the internet as we spend learning to drive an automobile.

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