“I strongly condemn the attacks against the Jewish community that have taken place over the course of the last 24 hours. Last night, members of a caravan of pro-Palestinian protestors targeted innocent Jewish diners in a vicious attack while they were sitting outside a sushi restaurant, and a separate attempt was made by two drivers to run over a Jewish man who had to flee for his life.  Both incidents were captured on video. These were anti-Semitic hate crimes that are unconscionable. 

These violent acts will not go unchecked. We will do everything necessary to bring these criminals to justice and to restore order on our City streets.

Late last night after being briefed at the Wilshire Division by LAPD, I visited the restaurant where the attack took place and met with a young man who witnessed the entire tragedy unfold. I committed to him that we will work diligently to deploy more resources to the region and bring justice for the victims who were brutally beaten. I intend to keep my promise to that young man and to our entire community.  

We will never allow for anyone to strike fear into our hearts because we are Jews. We are not going to allow the violence in the Middle East to spill out onto the streets of Los Angeles. Everyone is entitled to express their opinion but never through violence. Pro-Palestinian protestors cannot be allowed to viciously assault random people on the street because they happen to look or be Jewish.

We will investigate these incidents, identify the perpetrators, and bring them to justice. We will also protect our residents from further violence. We are not going to allow this to happen to my constituents in Council District 5 on my watch.” — Los Angeles City Councilmember Paul Koretz 

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