The remains of a Holaucast survivor are are finally being buried after 70 years.

Oct 03, 2021 Article / Local Jewish News
In this video, you will see Penelope Anne Frey shoveling dirt onto the Aron.
In the video you will see Baruch Bloom of Chesed Shell Emes and Rabbi Yonaton Abrams, Chabad of Temecula.
Also in video is Mrs Bloom wife of Baruch Bloom.
L to R Baruch Bloom of Chesed Shell Emes and Rabbi Yonaton Abrams, Chabad of Temecula.
 Miss Penelpe Ann Frye, who gave the skull to Baruch Bloom, shoveling dirt. 

Video  & stills shot by Reuven fauman whom attended the burial.  

Reuven (Richard) Fauman
310/927-2146 (C)

You may not know or have heard of Baruch (Bruce) Bloom, but if you are a reader of the Hillygram his name may sound familiar.  Many times the Hillygram will post a BDE asking for burial funds because Baruch Bloom has “rescued” a deceased person whose family wants to have them cremated and Baruch pleads with the family promising to pay all burial expenses if they will just allow them to be buried in a halachic way.

Friday, ever shabbos 10/1/21` Bruch contacted the Hillygram asking us to help him raise the funds to bury a skull, the only remains of a Jewish Holocaust survivor. 

We asked Bruce to tell us how he came in possession of the Survivors skull.

“I received the text from Rabbi Yonaton Abrams, Chabad of Temecula on Sunday, Aug 29.  Because of many other commitments so close to Rosh Hashanah, I was not able to go to Hemet where Penelope Anne Frey lives until Monday, September 13.  Spent a couple of hours talking with her. 

Anne Frey’s late husband treated the Holocaust survivor 70 years ago and the survivor told the Dentist that he could not afford his services but that upon his passing he would leave his skull to him as a Dental teaching aid.   Many years later a box with a skull arrived at the dentist’s office. 

Many years after her husband’s passing Anne Frey found the box and the skull.  (SEE ANN FREY’S LETTER TO BRUCH BELOW FOR MORE DETAILS)

“She’s British, and not Jewish. Considering that it is remarkable that she had retained possession of the skull for all these years and through a move to California. After all it’s been 70 years since the man died.

She very much wants to be present for the burial, regardless of the number of people who will attend.  I believe that this will be a form of closure for her.” – Bruce

Bruce has the skull at his house and he carefully inspected it in hopes of finding some form of identification, like a tracking number.  but there are no identifying marks.

We asked Bruce if there was any way to find the name of the deceased.

Bruce told us “I have a tremendous personal need to put a name to the skull.  So I will begin a search for the medical school, or medical supply house, in New York in the 50’s that may have handled the remains.  I’m not real hopeful that they will have a record of having sent the skull to Maurice Frey D.M.D. (which means Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry, same as DDS {Doctor of Dental Surgery} just from a different school).


Over the course of the last couple of weeks, I have had many conversations with different rabbis and people regarding the skull.  The Halachic issues are many, and I admit that this is a first for me.  After over 40 years in Chevra Kadisha I thought I had seen it all.  Was I wrong!

I’m going to build a small box tomorrow to be his “Casket”


$3000 is (Requested to cover expenses for the burial) needed for the burial. Donations can be made to

Chesed Shel Emes, Baruch Bloom at

Below is a copy of the letter the Dentists wife sent to Baruch Bloom.
This letter gives a concise history of how this call came to be. 



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