Aug 04, 2020 Article / News / World Jewish News

The Biale Rebbe to the Ambassador: You have proved that it is possible to conduct state affairs without compromising the path of the Torah.

The US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, visited The Biale Rebbe who is now in Five Towns for his annual trip, the Rebbe of Biale–Bnei Brak to be blessed and to consult about a number of issues on the agenda.

The Rebbe to the Ambassador: You make a Kiddush Hashem as a public messenger and in your way you prove that one can conduct political affairs without compromising anything in the path of the Torah. You have a great merit in your efforts for the Whole Land of Israel.

The Rebbe Shlita also said, Klal Yisrael yearns for complete salvation and these days in particular. And as we know clearly that the safest place is in the Holy Land, and it is necessary to work harder to lower housing prices in Israel and thus encourage immigration from all corners of the world.

The ambassador then secluded with the Rebbe for a long personal conversation.

Photo: Gabriel Boxer the Kosher Guru