WellTab – The Medical Tablet with a Human Side. Now Available in Los Angeles!

Jul 17, 2020 CHIZUK / COVID-19

Life Changing Meets Life Saving.

WellTab is addressing one of society’s biggest challenges head-on. Patient Isolation is only making Illness and Suffering while in a Hospital worse. 

With our loved ones in the hospital, it can be challenging or downright impossible to visit or check-in on our family or friends.

Now, for the first time, WellTab is available in LA is making that obstacle a moot point.

Volunteers will set up a seamless, hassle free, no touch TABLET next to the patient where they can be contacted and checked-in on at any time.

This not only gives much needed company and motivation to the patient but piece of mind to the family who cannot be present. Another key benefit is that in an overwhelmed hospital setting, critical patient care can sometimes go unnoticed but with the family being able to check-in when necessary, they can alert hospital staff if they feel the patient is being neglected.

Please learn more about this program and donate here: Learn more about WellTab