Young Jewish Children Who Need a Home

Mar 30, 2021 Article / Chesed


Three Jewish children from a frum family here in Los Angeles (Fairfax area) who were unable to care for them, were being fostered by a Russian woman, in a situation where they may have not even remembered that they are Yidden, G-d forbid.

Enter the Lieber family (name changed for privacy) who have made it their life mission to open their home for foster children, who need a loving, warm environment, and of course, a proper Jewish education.

With total Mesiras Nefesh, the Lieber’s have sacrificed everything to take in young boys and girls who would otherwise be lost in the system. Despite having several children of their own BH with their hands full, they have taken in these 3 precious children, and continue to take in more children, who move into their home, and for whom they care, with unconditional love, just as they do to their own children.

Last year, the Lieber’s heard about three young Jewish siblings who the government had placed with a non-Jewish foster parent. They were being taken to church every Sunday.

The Lieber’s had known they were going to take in three children. What they didn’t know in this instance, was that all three children are autistic, each with a long list of special needs and disabilities. In one instance, a baby that they took in, had rarely been taken out of his car seat for months. They, and their kids, work tirelessly to help children, who sometimes are malnourished and don’t even know how to use a fork or spoon. One child didn’t even know his own name. Emergency trips to the hospital, children crying throughout the night is a sacrifice they have taken on, with breathtaking love.

While the Lieber’s work hard to earn a living, they need our help to help cover tuition, camp, and the extra help needed in the home, to help these precious children. It has come to a point where they cannot afford to continue caring for the children, unless the community steps in to help them.

The budget needed for all the relevant costs is $150,000 per year. We urge you to please step in and help ensure that these children and so many like them can have a loving, warming home filled with Yiddishkeit and an ability for them to shine, in the way we want our own children to shine. This is truly a matter of Pikuach Nefesh.

The following Los Angeles area Rabbis and Community Leaders support this letter:

Rabbi Gershon Bess of Kehilas Yaakov

Rabbi Berish Goldenberg of Toras Emes

Rabbi Boruch Yehuda Gradon of Merkaz HaTorah Kollel

Rabbi Nechemia Langer of Shaarei Torah

Barry Weiss

Rabbi Zvi Boyarsky of The Aleph Institute